Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yes, bookings are going really fast for my Transformed Lent Tour 2013, so if your church is interested, get in touch soon.

Transformed challenges you to go beyond traditional Bible study and, through a popular meditative approach, step into the shoes of well known Bible characters – so that you might be transformed, as they were, by the presence of Jesus.

Transformed by the Presence of Jesus is an opportunity to engage with Jesus through Scripture in a vibrant way through Bible meditation and study together with photography, music, personal and group reflection and discussion. Learn how to step inside the Bible and walk alongside characters like Mary Magdalene, Peter, Lazarus and The Woman at the Well and have life-changing encounters with Jesus just as they did. Then allow Jesus to touch your life in fresh ways so you too can become an instrument of change and transformation.
Explore the importance of:

• Walking with Jesus
• Waiting for Jesus
• Being named by Jesus 
• Being known by Jesus 
• Faith and Jesus
• Obeying Jesus

I'll be 'on the road' touring Transformed during Lent - February & March 2013, offering sessions and retreat days. Book me for a 2 hour evening or afternoon event or for a retreat day which creates the opportunity for a deeper, more profound encounter with Jesus. Just one day’s investment in the company of Jesus, could transform your life!

Tour Itinerary Feb – March 2013

26th Jan - Liz leading Transformed day at Waverley House, Surrey, CWR.
Week 1     (11th - 17th Feb)               London & South East 
Week 2     (18th - 24th Feb)               South
Week 3     (25th Feb - 3rd Mar)         South West
Week 4     (4th - 10th Mar)                 Midlands
Week 5     (11th - 17th Mar)               North West 
Week 6     (18th - 24th Mar)               North East
To book me or register your interest contact me via my website